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ASHIC Outing Program

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ASHIC introduced the Outing Program to help the cancer ill children to forget their pain and simply enjoy being a normal child again. The sick children and their families are taken to an amusement park for an afternoon, to provide temporary relief to the affected child/ family from the stress of treatment.  


It helps the children forget their pain and simply enjoy being a child again, and the families are able to focus on something more positive than the foreboding hospital environment. It also helps the families to focus and interact with other parents on something more positive than the hospital environment as they are taken out to visit interesting places. Over the years, ASHIC has hosted more than 6,000 outing programs.

Since 2018, ASHIC stopped the weekly outing sessions due to funding and logistical challenges. Now, we participate in events where the ASHIC family gets invited such as day-long picnics, iftar parties etc.


Through The Years...

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