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Mission & Vision


ASHIC mission is to ensure proper loving care, treatment and quality of life to the cancer children and their distressed families in whichever and whatever way possible.


ASHIC vision is to improve cure rate of cancer affected children and give support services and care to terminally ill/palliative patients coming from every corner of Bangladesh with their families.

Since its inception in 1994, ASHIC, Foundation for Childhood Cancer has served and:

  1. Touched the lives of thousands of cancer affected children through their ASHIC Patient Service Program.

  2.  Counseled  thousands of  parents of cancer affected children through ASHIC Somobyathi Program.

  3. Provided countless moments of enjoyment to thousands of children through its ASHIC Outing Program

  4. Entertained thousands of in-patient children of the Pediatric, Surgery, and Hematology and Oncology Wards of the most renowned hospitals of Bangladesh through their ASHIC Play Center, namely, in Dhaka Medical College Hospital (since 1997), Sylhet M.A.G Osmani Medical Hospital (since 2004), Chittagong Medical College Hospital (since 2007) and the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University  (BSMMU) Hospital since 2017.

  5. Housed nearly a thousand families at the first ASHIC Shelter at Central Road, Dhaka, out of whom 150 children have been deemed to be survivors.

  6.  Supported the lives of hundreds of cancer children through its ASHIC Support-a-Life Program by facilitating their treatment and maintenance through financial aid received mostly from donors.

  7.  Cared for more than a thousand terminally ill and other types of cancer children at the ASHIC Palliative Care Unit (PCU).

  8. Supported several children directly through donations (Cash/Kind) received from the ASHIC Wish List Program.

  9. Provided psycho-social support to about a hundred families through our newly established ASHIC Parents Support Group (APSG).

  10. Opened our second ASHIC Shelter at our own property in Bangla Motor, Dhaka with the aim to further increase the percentage of Survivor Rate of cancer children in Bangladesh.

ASHIC has come a long way in these last last few decades and we do not intend to stop.  We are here to change the face of Childhood Cancer in Bangladesh.

Updated: 2022

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