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Founder Chairperson

Salma Choudhury

Salma Choudhury has been at the helm of ASHIC since its inception. She is in charge of all operations and public relations of the foundation. Under her proactive leadership, the foundation has touched the lives of more than 12,000 cancer-affected children and their families in Bangladesh in the last 25+ years.



Asif Choudhury

Asif is the Treasurer at ASHIC, and one of the members of the Board of Trustees. In addition to providing general oversight to its operational growth, he plays an active role in developing communications strategies and program implementation.


Founder President

Afzal Husain Choudhury

Mr. Afzal Husain Choudhury is a life-long entrepreneur who has made significant contributions through multi-disciplinary activities in Telecommunications, Energy, and other related industries, bringing thought-leadership and engineering execution. He conceptualized ASHIC as a way to bring his beloved wife back to life after the loss of their son.


Director - Outreach & Content Management

Maheen Hamid

Deeply affected by the loss of her brother, she started helping out with the foundation from a very young age, with a profound desire to help improve the chances for the disadvantaged children in Bangladesh. She plays an important role in setting up the strategic direction for the foundation, including its fundraising and marketing initiatives.  She has also helped design many of its programs.

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