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ASHIC Shelter


Exclusive Services

Most of the pediatric cancer patients at the local city hospitals come from rural areas. The first Shelter, a rented facility, provided a 20-bed subsidized accommodation facility for these families to help ease financial strains and difficulties with long commutes. It also encouraged them to complete the long treatment cycles while staying within a strong community of families all facing similar challenges.

Later in 2018, the ASHIC Shelter opened its door in its own property with 20 beds accommodation facility for the cancer warriors, located at Bangla Motor, which is close to the primary pediatric oncology hospital (BSMMU) in Dhaka. The Shelter houses one family member per patient, with some exceptions. The facility continues to have a direct impact on improving survival rates and emotional well-being of the cancer warriors under treatment.

The first of its kind in the country, the shelter project was established in 2000. Most of these families repeat their stay an average of 25 times.


Shelter Happenings

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