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Mrs. Maheen C. Hamid, is Afzal and Salma's daughter, and Trustee of ASHIC, Foundation For Childhood Cancer. Since inception of ASHIC, she has been involved in content generation, program design, grant writing, international relations, partnerships and strategic planning. Over the years, she has presented ASHIC at multiple international conferences.

Maheen is also an Executive Board member of SpaandanB, ASHIC's collaborative partner organization in USA.

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Maheen C. Hamid

Losing Ashiq is a defining moment in Maheen's life. The helplessness of watching Ashiq and her parents suffer during his treatment made her want to channel those emotions by doing something positive through ASHIC. Even though a teenager at the time, she has been involved with ASHIC from the very beginning, taking charge of all its copy writing in English and grant writing for international initiatives. She served as Editor for the ASHIC newsletter for 8 years. After she moved to USA in 2000, she took on roles in marketing, branding, and international fundraising campaigns. She is her mother's staunchest supporter.


Team ASHIC, organized by ASHIC walks 5K in Silicon Valley to raise funds for ASHIC, 2019

Professionally, Maheen is Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer at a high-tech firm in Silicon Valley. Over the last two decades, Maheen has been instrumental in establishing Breker as an important stakeholder in the Electronic Design Automation industry, which is a market segment that aims to enable the definition, planning, design, implementation, verification, and subsequent manufacturing of semiconductor devices, or chips. She was recently named as one of Silicon Valley’s 100 most influential women by Silicon Valley Business Journal. Maheen also currently serves as a Governing Council member of the Electronic System Design (ESD) Alliance, a SEMI Technology Community, which is a panel of CEO/COOs from member companies, elected by the membership.

Maheen holds a M.B.A with concentrations in Finance & Entrepreneurship from the University of Texas at Austin, and an undergraduate degree in B.B.A and Economics from North South University in Bangladesh.

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