Bangladesh’s first NGO dedicated to Childhood Cancer

ASHIC Foundation for Childhood Cancer improves the quality of life for children living with cancer in Bangladesh by providing hope, physical and emotional support, and raising public awareness for early detection, improved treatment and social acceptance.

Started by the Choudhury family after Afzal & Salma Choudhury lost their 3-year-old son Ashiq to cancer, ASHIC is a touch point for children living with cancer in Bangladesh, from the time of their diagnosis to the time they become heroes, in this life or the next. 

Since 1994, ASHIC has gone from a small community organization to a recognized center of excellence in innovation and service for childhood cancer in the South Asian region. A number of its programs have been spotlighted as a replicable model for other third world countries.


  1. In the absence of a formal registry, ASHIC estimates that in Bangladesh more than 7,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year (Not counting those undiagnosed).
  2. Only 20% get any access to treatment, 3-5% go into remission.
  3. ASHIC has touched the lives of more than 15,000 children.


ASHIC office overhead is sponsored by the Choudhury family so that 100% of donations go towards projects.

After Cicely - Asian Women in Palliative Care

LIEN FOUNDATION presents a LOGUE film in association with LIFE BEFORE DEATH “AFTER CICELY” directed and produced by JEAN QINGWEN LOO and HUIWEN YANG edited by ADELINE ONG directors of photography ONG BOON KOK and YAN ZHAO POH


ASHIC Foundation